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About Our Baptist Roots

We are Baptist because we share with other Baptists certain basic convictions:


First, Baptists take the Word of God, the Bible, as our Supreme authority in all matters of faith and practice.  Our services center around the Word of God.


Second, Baptists advocate Baptism for believers only.  We do not claim that Baptism is necessary for Salvation, but it is essential if we are to be obedient to our Lord in following His example and instruction.  We do not believe in infant Baptism.  Parents bring your children to us to be dedicated to the Lord.


Third, Baptists have a strong belief in the Priesthood of all Believers. All may pray, witness and serve, as our gifts and opportunities permit.


Fourth, Baptists share the conviction that the New Testament teaches the independence of the local congregation.  Each church is a divinely appointed unit.


Fifth, Baptists believe in the separation of Church and State.


Sixth, Baptists place an emphasis on Evangelism and Missions.


Seventh, Baptists believe once saved, always saved.


Eighth, Baptists believe that Salvation comes by Grace through Faith, without any human merit or works of any kind.

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