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P.O. Box 3523 - Jersey City, NJ  07303
Phone: 201.434.2450 - Fax:  201.435.5751
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Worship Location:       521 Bramhall Avenue
           Jersey City, NJ - Zion Baptist Church

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We greet you in the grace-filled name of Jesus the Christ! The Bethesda family are elated that you have visited us. We believe that GOD does all things for a distinct purpose. What we call random coincidence may be GOD working in your life to bring you to a place where His blessings can be seen and appreciated.


As you share with us through the wonderful technology of the Internet, let us point out three very important things. First of all, GOD loves you without reservation or hesitation. He loves you so much that He sent His son to die on a cross for your salvation. Secondly, GOD desires that your life would have meaning to the people around you. A meaningful life is one that is anchored and steadfast in a belief system that benefits others. Thirdly, our role as your new friend and Fellowship Family is to help you discover your GOD given potential. We believe that GOD will use your life to be a blessing to others.


Please feel free to use our Prayer Request link to help under-gird your own prayers and your prayer concerns. Reach out to us and let us know if we can better suit your needs across the “www.” Add us to your prayer list so that we can be empowered to do ministry in this urgent and desperate time in which we live.


May GOD richly bless you.

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The Bethesda Family is grateful for your contributions and prayers.  They go a long way towards helping us magnify the LORD.  Our prayer is that GOD will continue to bless you. 

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