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Worship at Bethesda Baptist Church


Worship Location:  521 Bramhall Avenue - Jersey City, NJ  07304

                            Zion Baptist Church

Sunday Worship:    8:00 am

Sunday School:      10:00 am

Bible Study:           Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm     




Monday through Friday at 7:30 am       (Women Praying)

Monday nights at 9:00 pm    (Mondays R 4 Men Worship)

Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm            (Corporate Prayer)


The call in number is (605) 475-4333 and the access code is 674064#

This week's prayer requests
Join us as we pray for:
  • Young adults to have a relationship with     God
  • A permanent worship space for Bethesda
  • Unity in the Body of Christ
  • Acceptance/Surrender
  • Patience/Tolerance
  • Fractured Families
  • Medical Crisis
  • Young Parents
  • All who experience depression



Worship Team - Design and execution of dynamic public worship.

Service Team - Fellowship and support the Church at  large.

Ministry Team - Plan and promote  Kingdom Building.

The Worship Team is composed of leaders involved in preaching, teaching, music, praise dance, sign language, drama and audio/visual ministries.  The primary responsibility is the design and execution of dynamic public worship opportunities that appeal to all generations.



The Service Team is composed of Deacons, Deaconess, Trustees, Ushers, Temple Guards, Hospitality/Greeters, Culinary, Senior, Transportation ministries and Administrative Staff form the team that focuses on Church fellowship and support the work of the Worship and Ministry Teams.  




The Ministry Team is the evangelical arm of Bethesda.  It consists of small groups such as Prayer & Christian Education Ministries, Men's, Women's, Youth, Singles and Evangelism Ministries.  The focus is to work together to plan and promote God's Kingdom.  We aim to share the "Good News" with as many as possible and invite new disciples to a personal relationship with God.

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